Engine Modifications
EVO Industries is ready to service YOU! We customize your engine so that it suits your riding style and budget. Need more bottom-end grunt? We can help. Little more top-end? No problem. If you want an overall power increase that will get you off the line first and get you to the first turn first give us a call. We customize each machine so that you are satisfied with its performance. Call us today at 717.665.0406.

4-Stroke Engine Mods
If you're thinking about installing cams, high compression pistons, big bore kits, high performance valve springs or simply want your valves adjusted give us a call. Porting, carb modifications, mapping and splitting the cases on your thumper will all be done by our professionals. Increased power that suits your needs.

2-Stroke Engine Mods
EVO Industries can make the sweet sound of your 2-stroke even sweeter. From 50cc minis to 500cc rockets, we'll customize power to your liking. Motor rebuilds, head and cylinder modifications, crank and rod replacement and much much more are all done by our professionals. Superminis that still need that extra boast will find it at EVO Industries. Give us a call today! 717.665.0406

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